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About Us

Candahar Digital Technology.

Candahar Digital Technology was founded in 2018 which discusses two main businesses, namely: as a medium of information about updated and trusted technology. and candahar is also a professional quality responsive software development and supported by experts who are reliable in the field of software development.


Candahar has the following services.

Technology News

We know technology always grow up, we always follow up the technology and we gonna share it to give technology knowledge for public

Web Development

We have professional skill to make responsive and application web. We bring future web base technologies to grow up your business

Software Development

We have expert in making applications. we can apply your ideas into application to grow up your business base on your ideas

Candahar News.

We want to provide information about technology with the hope that many people can follow the development of technology in the country and abroad

Candahar Development.

We have a hope that technology can make every activity easier, with the experience we have, we try and keep trying our best to provide technology products that are able to solve problems

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